At Least You Tried

by Ross Malcolm Boyd

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Written and recorded by RMB.

At Least You Tried, Ghost Song, and One Of A Kind (formerly known as Flexing My Love Droid courtesy of Tom Holmes) were songs I had been playing with my band Tuna Fish Discrepancy. As I was booking more solo gigs, I wanted to play around with electronic sets and perform the material in a style closer to the way I originally wrote and demoed it.

I put together some sets in Ableton, dusted off my MicroKorg and played some shows. And it was super fun. I sat on the instrumentals for a little while before it occurred to me that I had almost finished a record - I just needed to lay down some vocals.

I couldn't let it be that simple, of course; I reworked some songs, saved others for later, and threw in some instrumentals that needed a place to live.

So here it is. Thanks to Jamie for singing along with me on these (in the studio and out in the world) and thanks to Tuna Fish Discrepancy for exploring these songs with me. I look forward to playing these songs with y'all again!


released February 2, 2017

RMB played and sang all the stuff except:
Backing vocals by Jamie Feinberg on 'At Least You Tried' and 'Ghost Song'




Ross Malcolm Boyd Florida

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Track Name: At Least You Tried
Perfect little pictures of how it used to be
before the complicated truth revealed itself to see
the people that you burned though you tried to treat them right
Sometimes you can't control the things that keep you up at night.

Yeah, at least you tried

to fight off all the demons as they stumbled through your door
at four a.m. and before long they're passed out on the floor
but somewhere deep inside you know things will be alright
the ghosts may linger for a while but vanish come the light

Yeah, at least you tried

The animals don't know what you're going through
but they know enough to keep on going
All the animals are happy
You should try to be happy

Yeah, at least you tried
Track Name: Ghost Song
Funny how this lingers like a ghost
hanging around in someone else's clothes
It wasn't me you're meant to haunt
but your company means a lot
and I know what's up
I know

We could talk about the sun
in relation to everyone
If you remember this by dawn
well, we'll deal with that when it comes
and I know what's up
I know

I've seen this picture before
and I know how it all ends
and if you try real hard
I bet you'll make it wherever you're going
Track Name: One Of A Kind
First time out of the box
It's the first time for me as well
and the waiting has been hell
Plug you into the wall
Watching the meters rise I can't help
but rise myself

I am not ashamed
'cause love is hard to find
There may be millions more but
none as well designed as you
you're one of a kind

Anticipation builds
until the moment arrives, power on
and you come to life
So this is finally it
all the connections fit, I can't describe...
but I guess that that's all right

and I am not ashamed
'cause love is hard to find
There may be millions more but
none as well designed as you
you're one of a kind